Induktor Group Completed Rebuilding of School in Calang  
17 May 2005

PT Induktorindo Utama, an Indonesian-German Company completed rebuilding of a public elementary school in Krueng Sabee, Calang, Aceh Jaya. The school handed over by Induktorindo President Director Bambang Sarwoadji to Secretary of Aceh Jaya district Marwan Supi on May 17th , 2005.

Supi praised the industrial electrical company help, as five months after tsunami children in Calang still has to study in temporary school tents.

The new SDN Keude Krueng Sabee has 6 classrooms, teacher room, and principal office, also health clinic. The schools, according to Supi, rebuild in cooperation with some other German companies and Indonesian Navy.

In Aceh Jaya, Supi said, only SDN Keude Krueng Sabee has rebuilt entirely into a new school. Several schools in Calang city are already rehabilitated, but it is still considered as a temporary building. While destroyed schools in several sub-district is still untouchable, including schools in subdistrict of Sampoiniet, Teunom, Setia Bakti, and Jaya. (quoted from Indonesia-relief).


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