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We are manufacturing of inductive components such as transformers, coils, inductors, etc. All of our products are specially made as required (dedicated products / customized). It means that customer give us the specification then we'll design and produce that components. We have many customers worldwide. Our products applied in many sector such as consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, lighting system, electronics industry, medical device, etc.

PT Induktorndo Utama established partnership with Induktor GmbH, a leading toroidal transformer company based in Munich. The main objective of this partnership is to enhance the technical knowledge development, efficiency and productivity, and better service to both customers around the world.

Induktor Product

Our Products

Storage Chokes

Inductive components that applied in high frequency electronic circuit.

- Chokes
- Filter
- Transformer for high frequencies applications
- For IGBT driver
- Flyback converter
- etc


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