Our Quality

Our quality management system is based on the IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 9001:2015. Without exception, our products are subjected to a comprehensive routine check test. In doing so, we run our final inspections on fully automatic testing devices which are constantly kept up to state the art. Our toroidal transformers are small, light, have a low of hum, low leakage, but high performance, stay cool, individually designed, and low in price.

The shortest possible delivery times are a matter of course for us. In no time at all, you can receive samples meeting all international standards. Upon request, with your own manufacturer’s label.

Research & Development.

To keep abreast with the advancing technology, our dedicated R&D department conducts continuous research with the aim of quality improvements and innovations, while conforming to the world standards for testing and diagnostics. The company's R&D department responds to market shifts as quickly as possible to maintain integrity with its customers and provide the products they require.


It is the company's believe that quality is absolutely top priority. Each and every single item of our products undergoes strict quality control: Material incoming inspection, in-process inspection, final test and out going inspection. Not a single unit leaves our production without inspection. The underlying principle of our quality control system is call the"Pokayoke Mistake Proofing". \


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Our Products

Storage Chokes

Inductive components that applied in high frequency electronic circuit.

- Chokes
- Filter
- Transformer for high frequencies applications
- For IGBT driver
- Flyback converter
- etc