Company's Vision:

We envisage a mounting competition in the coming globalized market and our answer to it is our resolution to sharpen our competitive edge. Supplying our customers with what they demand is creating relationships of lasting cooperation, and consistent improvements in quality enable them to compete with changing trends.


Company's Philosophy

We believe in unreserving endeavour to render the best services to our clients through a focused and specialized effort, as angrained in our philosophy: "We are the specialist"

Company's Mission:

1. To render satisfactory customized service whereby our customers needs can be met, while still enhancing mass-production efforts.
2. To enhance ultimate quality in production as well as in service.
3. To strive for perfection in the future.


Our Products

Storage Chokes

Inductive components that applied in high frequency electronic circuit.

- Chokes
- Filter
- Transformer for high frequencies applications
- For IGBT driver
- Flyback converter
- etc


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