The Management

The management emphasize a spirit of service,quality, sincerity, and innovation in their leadership of the company. The company's management system supports full and direct communications between each of its various departments, which contributes to optimum customer service and overall efficiency within the company.

The Management

(From left top, Mr. Walter Krommer, Mr. Hardi Hartoko, Mr Bambang Sarwoadji, and Mr Albert Duin)

Teamwork is what enables our large staff to manufacture products to meet customer's specifications. The development of inductive components goes hand in hand with the purchasing of materials of the highest quality. Of course, not only the final products that come out of our operations, but also the raw materials that go into them are subjected to constant inspections. Our state of the art production facilities are large enough to work pleasantly and precisely. Advanced testing technology are used in making all our products. Not a single unit leaves our production without inspection.


And We are partnering with Induktor GmbH which is a leading company in toroidal transformer

Our Products

Storage Chokes

Inductive components that applied in high frequency electronic circuit.

- Chokes
- Filter
- Transformer for high frequencies applications
- For IGBT driver
- Flyback converter
- etc


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